Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday too you.. Happy Birthday too you.. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Mami... :D It's 5th September 2012, september full of love to her. Actually i just arrived from Palembang (my Auntie's house) last night, I was confused about what kind of gift I should give to her. Then we (,Megumi,tita) make something that I could make, like this one.. Check this out 
 I make this silhouette of my mom and my dad, its "couple silhouette"!!! Cool huh?? But...a little bit messy huh? Because I made this in the middle of night and I was soooo sleepy, its for mom! Fight!
My dad look terrible -___- LoL
After that, we put it in a frame photo and megumi wrapped with wrapping paper, I put some  greetings speech below.

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