Monday, August 27, 2012

Yellow for The new Green

Holidaaay! Holidaaay! It's almost over yeah! I'm so fvcking bored lol Holiday that makes me stand idle for three months dude.Then my hair is getting longerrrr, 
a couple week ago i had ombre hair! 
It's purple but it's getting worst -.- oh and I hate it ughhh! 
Now and nooooww I'm cutting my hair yeay, it's short and fresh just like this photo below.

I made some photo shoot with my twin sister Megumi adding some neon outfitt, check this out!

D.I.Y colar necklace, light turquoise T-shirt by FP, neon skirt by Benetton, 
handmade bracelet's, three colour Furla's Bag,
unbranded light turquoise sock's, pastel wedge by Crocs.
 Photo colaboration (what the heck!) with Megumi yeaaaaay!

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