Monday, January 30, 2012

Parkway Drive @Jakcloth

well, I know this event has passed and I wanna let you know that I'm having FUN! yeah I know it was a lot of FUN! 
Okay, I'm going to Jakarta Clothing at Senayan on Saturday 10-12-11 with megumi, dek tita, Tanya, my future husband (lol) Hasbi and many more friends i met them there. 
Actually I wasn't there to seeking for clothes, or shoes, or something I don't care, I was there to watching my favorite band! Yeah it's Parkway Drive a metal band from Ausi that I love them sooooo much and see their concert without paying more! It just thirty-fived thousand rupiah's for ticket to Jakcloth and you can walk around all you want, and watching the concert just like me :DD lol

I loooooveee pwd so much I loooovee their songs (even it's too hard to heard) I loooove their performance. Want to know what I do while watching the performance? Snapshoot. :0 Yeaaaaah! Wanna see?
 I don't care megumi and tanya and my other friends going to the middle and joined the people and started to moshing! I don't want to be nice in front of my boy friend, I just don't like doin' that, why do we have do that, while we can enjoy the song without having a self-harm each other calling 'moshing' (whatever) LoL :P
Oh WHATEVER! We are just having so much fun! Thank you for Hasbi who had come all the way from Bandung's just for me (aaaawwww I love you so much), Thank you Tanya, Thank you my little sister dek tita I know you don't understand what you're watching for, Thank you alvyn, Thank you Ilham, and all my friends that i met there LOL :D. One more time! I'm having sooooo much FUN!

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